Sunday, 23 September 2007


Yes, I have to say there are quite a few distractions. Our kitchen gets demolished tomorrow so we have been running around, getting lights, paints etc and trying to pack up the kitchen. Having lived in our house less than a year it is amazing how much rubbish you can accumulate!

We have finally decided on a paint colour, wait for it...... a sort of pinky purple colour, rather bold I know but we decided not to traditional. Now we are on the hunt for a fridge freezer. The big American one we wanted won't quite fit so we are now trying to see if we can justify the money on a SMEG retro one. Decisions decisions!!

So the demolition starts tomorrow and on Tuesday the walls come down. Then next weekend we disappear on holiday for a week to Swanage. So by the time we come back our kitchen should be finished.

So what about the crafts. Well as you can imagine not much has been happening with all that. I have now changed my working hours so that I finish at 4pm meaning i can get a bit more done in the evening. I have painted some more bondaweb this week ready for more wall experiments.

If I feel brave enough this week, and if I get chance I will try whip stitch on the sewing machine.
And of course ....Photos!!!!

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